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who is buried in a private cemetery. ... If requesting a headstone or marker, please use the VA Form. 40-1330.
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What can you as a veteran do right now to help your family and a funeral I went to with Marines coming up next no information obtained from the following production is legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship with the law office I AJ law LLC or any attorney or professional appearing on this program you should consult an attorney for individualized advice regarding your own situation or specific legal concerns and now on with the show broadcasting from edina minnesota your host attorney Jesper bird hashtag despot well hello there this is season 1 episode 2 of what I'm calling veteran vitals I'm grateful for you to be here both being veterans or maybe your family members of veteran I hope you find some some value here before I get to what you as a veteran can do literally today on your own behalf to help your family when it comes to issues specific to a funeral I just wanted to share a quick story I came to the topic of today's show coming from a funeral myself and this particular funeral was in a very rural area here in Minnesota and as you know Minnesota and really the five-state region isn't military focus so yes there's plenty of families out there with veterans but we don't have a major military installation as other states might have so when I when I went to to the church you know the group of people that stand out and maybe you've already noticed this but the group of people that stand out at every single funeral specifically a military funeral isn't going to be the grieving family although that's important the veteran is older generally speaking you know we're referring to grandchildren but the group of people that are going to stand out sore thumb is going to be the men and women who are there in your honor has an honor guard and these men and women will stand out for a couple of reasons number one they're going to be in uniform and they are sharp and and they are going to be related to our are whatever branch of the military that we served in so if you are a marine very na you request a funeral honor guard you're going to have Marines at your funeral performing that service for a member of the Air Force like I was you are going to have men and women from the Air Force there to to serve your family in your funeral so I fantastic connection for your children adult and younger and our grandchildren to see a military presence at a phenyl and I was lucky enough to see this for myself when I was serving and you know we all have stories when we were serving in the military of course I was part of that I was identified as a person to be on the honor guard maybe I don't know why that was but I performed multiple services on behalf of other veterans specifically in the state of Texas but what a fantastic benefit and what a way for you to make that connection for your family because again we don't have a strong military presence here and I think it's a big deal now granted these men and women these Marines it was hot it's...